My Monero Pool


Recently, I've been doing a lot with Monero, which is the only real crypto I trust for transactions besides Litecoin. There's a reason both Mental Outlaw and Luke Smith made videos on it, it's truly the most private and anonymous method of payment currently available besides good old gold.

So at some point I was trying out Monero mining with my CPU and GPU on a minig pool, and the thought came to me that a lot of these pools appear to use similar web interfaces. This obviously meant there was some sort of common Monero pool software, which made it easy for anyone to setup their very own pool. So I began looking for options, and I found monero-pool on Github.

It's a Monero pool software written in C, the only catch is you have to compile the Monero source code itself before you can use monero-pool. So one afternoon, I got to work on setting it all up, just to learn the ropes of operating Monero pools from the server side.

I was impressed by how relatively easy it was to get working, and in no time I learnt more and more about setting up a proper pool. I'm now busy setting up a public pool for people to mine on at It's not ready yet, but will be very soon! A few people I know have shown interest in joining, and I think it's going to at least be a great learning experience for me and my friends.