xmrig with 0% donation for Windows!


So recently more and more people have been joining my mining pool, Moneria.xyz. One issue that has arisen is the 1% donation fees included in the xmrig mining software. Now it's relatively easy for someone experienced on Linux to download the source code, modify some lines and compile a donateless version, but the same cannot be said for the average Windows user. So, I created a script that utilizes Chocolatey and Sed on Windows to install all dependencies, clone all the repositories and modify the donate.h file to compile a donateless xmrig mining software for windows.

To run the script, simply run iex ((New-Object System.Net.WebClient).DownloadString('https://denshi.live/common/xmrig-donateless-install.bat'))

Please note: The script may take a while to download dependencies like Visual Studio Community 2019 and Cmake. This is normal; just let it do its thing. If you get stuck or have any issues with the script, don't hesitate to contact me at alessandrogaggioli@protonmail.com

Once you've actually installed the script, the completed xmrig binary will be placed on your desktop. You should run the xmrig.exe binary as an administrator in the command prompt. For information on what options to give xmrig, visit moneria.xyz.